..: June 2013

Monday, June 24, 2013

Outfit of the day: Don't tell I wore jeans

Hello!! I know its been a while damn Instagram has got me hooked and since than I have neglected this little blog of mine. Since its my birthday week a new year i'm going to a least try and post once a week.
Since my last post a few months back I have started working again. I work in the multi housing industry its interesting never a dull day thats for sure.Also have started a weightloss journey three weeks ago I started insanity, but missed this whole last week because I had company.  I'll probably start all over now, also have started to change the wait I eat. That was quite difficult at first since I LOVE sweets but its getting easier.  So anyways this was yesterdays outfit and i'm absolutely never EVER suppose to wear jeans, but these are so dark and thin you cant really tell they are jeans and i'm all by myself in the office sundays so i'm not going to run into anyone. 

Earrings: F21
Blazer: Massimo Target
Top: H&M
Belt: Target 
Jeans: F21