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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Budsies: Brings Children's art work to life

Hello! a couple weeks ago I was contacted by a wonderful company with a Genius idea called Budsies. As As a parent of a 7 year old I have our fridge full of art and A+ spelling test and we now even save Jonathan's art on his wall in his bedroom we've saved pretty much all his art since preschool. My mom use to do that for me when I was a kid and I use to love seeing all my art throughout the house. But than as I grew older my art started to disappear into boxes than maybe into the dumpster at some point although my mother wont confirm that and says it must be in the garage with the rest of the random (also known as junk)stuff she has in there.

This is where Budsies comes in and you can turn your child's work of art into a custom plush toy are you still with me?? Genius didn't I tell you...Its the perfect way for your child to be able to keep possibly forever and be able to give it to their children someday and tell them how it use to be something they drew brought to life. Its so creative, the smile that Jon had on his face when his packaged arrived and he opened the box was priceless. He had chose two one of them was a lion that he made last year from tearing up construction paper and the other was of a flower he drew from when his class went to a green house earlier this year. Being a big brother he really wanted the flower to be for Juliana. I cant wait until Juliana's first art project so I can turn it into a Budsie plush toy. Jon cant wait until he is student of the week to show his entire class his Budsie and they also make cute totes with your childs drawing next to their Budsie its so cute. 

Best of all if you order during the month of November they are giving back, by producing and donating a replicate Budsie to a child in need.

You can place your order here :)

Happy drawing......

Monday, November 18, 2013

Family fun: Golden gate park

Hi! San Francisco how we love going there wish we had the chance to visit more often since we live so close. We had a late start this day so we only planned on going to Golden gate park and out to eat, and I was going to try to squeeze in going to Smitten ice cream shop have any of you guys tried their ice cream its made to order using liquid nitrogen. My brother in law was the one who told me about it he says its super creamy and delicious. But we did not make it by the time we went out for dinner, we went to this chinese place Julian kept raving about that has really good dumplings. By the time we were done it was way to cold for ice cream and the kids were already pretty tired. So we just decided to head back home, ill have to try it some other day :)

Until Next time...

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Juliana's OOTD: Polka dots

Hi, today Juliana really surprised me usually when I take pictures of her shes wiggling and running around.  Of course she's almost 2, she never stays still enough for a good picture unless I catch her off guard and snap my camera lightening fast. This day however she was loving the camera, while we were walking to the park :)
I love this little polka dot sweater I bought last year at Gymboree.

Outfit details:
Jeans: Target
Shoes: Target

Until next time...

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Arabic wedding

Hello! This past Friday we were invited to one of our friends Nagina and Mazeen's wedding reception.   The wedding was beautiful and the bride planned it all on her own in less than two months so I applaud her because I cant imagine that craziness. Ugh gives me anxiety just thinking about it. 

Funny story we were with them two days before the wedding buying the alcohol at Costco and we were walking down the isle (OK more like rushing down a isle) with Nagina who had just had a mani and pedi so she was wearing those flip flops they give you to wear out to your car.Since she was walking so fast the flip flop ripped OMG that was the funniest thing I have seen in a while. I wanted to laugh so hard out loud, but she probably would have killed me with all the pressure she was under lol!!
Back to the wedding it was a lot of fun lots and lots of dancing to Arabic music, which I thought was a lot of fun. Julian not so much because you really have to move your hips and hands a lot even the men which Julian was not a fan of so he stuck with a fast 2 step.

My dress I got the day of because like always I wait last minute for everything I hit up the mall that morning in Walnut Creek but found nothing. Started to panic so went out to lunch with my mother in law and Julian and he said he still needed to get pants. So we stopped by Sun valley Mall went to Macy's found this gorgeous black lace with gold floor length dress tried it on but it was $450 sadly had to put that one back I so blinded by how pretty it was I didn't look at the price tag till I tried it on :( I tried to hold onto it though and think where else could I wear this???
My mother in law said she wanted to buy some sweaters so we went over to JC Penny. She said I should look for a dress there. I told her I don't think they have evening dresses here, I asked one of the associates and she said yeah we have a small selection though. I went over and found a beautiful cream colored floor length dress with beading on the bust, than thought uhhh maybe wrong color to wear to a wedding. Behind that was a black one strapped fitted at the bodice but than loose floor length dress it was beautiful. ( I don't know why I was looking at floor length, I must have been feeling like a princess that afternoon) I went to go try it on pulled over my head without taking the zipper down ( felt too lazy) and it gets stuck in my bust area of course. Now I try to pull down the zipper and I cant reach, I peek outside to see if I can see Julian of course not he is on his phone yapping in the middle of the store. I try to wave him down and the fitting room attendant asks me if I need any help. I said uhh no thank you. Igo back inside the room and try one more time and nothing, now Julian comes to say let me look at the dress I came out and he says no that doesn't look right.(Ahhhhhh men) I say I know the zipper is stuck I need your help. He cant unzip it he said his fingers were slippery I don't know why. The fitting room attendant still staring at us... now I ask for her help. Finally she unzips it. HOORAY!!
I pull the dress all the way down and its too long and Julian throws in his 2 cents that I look over dressed. Than I see the dress I did choose hanging on the return bar grab it. Prayed that it was my size and it was perfect and something that I can wear again and again. Best of all I went to go pay and it was only $45.00 and the lady at the register used some kind of store coupon and brought it down to $35.00.

Photos were taking with camera phone some with a shaky hand so kinda blurry :(

Until next time!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Costume party! 1920's girl

Hello! Last week I went to a last minute costume party that my friend Karen's daughter decided to have that morning.  Jon and her daughter went to kindergarten for like 5 minutes together before he got transferred to our choice school. Well he made a lasting impression on her she calls him Jonathan James (not his name lol) and so he was invited to her costume party, where I ran into another friend Ana and she invited Julian and I to her brothers costume party this last Saturday.  
I really didn't plan to do anything this Halloween besides taking the little ones trick or treating. So of course I had no costume, and have you gone to any of the costume stores this close to Halloween it is a total mad house. We decide anyways to go Spirit on Wednesday to see what they have I had no idea what I even wanted to dress up as. I finally see a flapper dress and thought oh that's pretty cute did not really care for the $49.99 price tag for such a cheap costume but I was already flustered, and of course they don't have my size all they had was small grrrr. Gave up and left went to Target the next day found Julian's costume, but nothing for me. Finally Saturday as I was getting ready for work I decided I finally need a coat because its too cold outside I go back into my closet and I see this lace dress I completely forgot I had. I wore it I believe last new years eve. I thought this is perfect to dress up as maybe the 20's  era, I looked over to my accessories and found a head piece but no long strands of pearls. So one last quick trip after work to target and my costume was finally complete. I was so proud of my self. What do you guys think of my costume??
 The party was tons of fun of course, I liked seeing all the different costumes I was surprised Karen was able to find and finish her corpses bride costume she looked great.

Happy Halloween!!
Until next time!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Family Fun: Del Osso' family farm

Hi! this past weekend we finally decided to go out to the pumpkin patch. We really  had our hopes on going to the pumpkin festival in Half Moon Bay, but you really have to leave really early so you don't get stuck in traffic (one way lanes each way) I really wanted to sleep in since it was Sunday I usually have to go to work. Have I mentioned how mush I hate working on weekends. It sucks especially during this time of year all the festivals they have. But anyways we decided we would go to the Dell Osso' family farm you have probably seen it before near I-5 and I-205. I've seen it tons of times when we use to live in Sacramento and would come down here to the bay area. We would always say we need to go stop and visit, but for some reason we never did even during Christmas they have it all decorated. 

It was supper warm this day which made it feel like we we at the pumpkin patch in the middle summer. I went all bundled up in boots even and I should have been wearing a summer dress it was so that hot. The maze was fun we got lost over and over again apparently we cant read maps and have depended far too much on our talking GPS when it comes to directions. So after 30 minutes of feeling like we were going in circles we decided to retrace our steps and get out of their. We were surprised at the amount of activities they had here I never knew they had so much to do. The little ones had tons of fun and we were there for quite a a few hours til late in the evening. I would defiantly  recommend this patch to anyone.

Until next time...

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Winchester Mansion

Hello! So last night finally after many many (one more MANY) years on my bucket list, we finally went to the Winchester mansion!!! Our tour was not until 10:30 so we decided to first go for some dinner and drinks on Santa Row. Which I guess is suppose to be like an oh so fun and fabulous upscale area in SJ, I've never been their before. Made me wish we would have gone even earlier to do some shopping. Oh parking it took us about 45 minutes to find parking, it was a total nightmare. We had our fingers crossed we would not loose our reservations because when we had called Yard House the wait was an hour and a half long. They were really nice though when we called and told them we were running late they said they would still hold our table. So finally at the restaurant Julian was in heaven tons and tons of different beer on tap. I'm not much of a beer drinker so of course I had red wine. It was yummy. Ugh than mishap happens a waitress breaks a plate in front of me and spills some kind of sauce on my legs and arms GREAT!! glad I was wearing black pants. The manager came over apologized and gave me her card told me to have my clothes dry cleaned on her. I told her it was ok I probably wont be coming back. Than I was like oh I sounded rude, than I told her its because we're not from this area. She said oh ok than anything I ordered was on the house. Finally our friends arrived they couldn't find parking either if you ask me it would have been easier to drive together since we live in the same area, but whatever that didn't occur to Julian (I let him plan this date night)

It was already 9:30 still had to order food we were all starving because of that already a little tipsy. We had to all eat our food super fast to make our tour.
I don't know how we made it, but we did. Oh and because we were running late we couldn't change into our flats in the car so yeah had to do the tour in heels. Which would have not been so bad if I wasn't wearing them since 8 in the morning (So yeah my feet sill ache) Our tour started and they take a picture of your group before you enter with riffles, we didn't buy them since the bottom of my shirt was stained. On with the tour we met our tour guide she was pretty creepy looking, I wasn't sure if that was just her look or she was in character but she was creepy. Also on our tour was a tourist that says she feels spirits so that was kind cool. I didn't go to the tour to be scared or to encounter some kind of paranormal activity like the rest of my group. I just went to look at the houses architecture and the crazy layout, I like that kind of stuff. The tour started in the room with all the priceless Tiffany stained glass and lasted about an 1 hr  1/2. We stayed behind for the most part from our whole group so we can some what explore on our own which is nearly impossible since most doors are locked or roped off that's what I didn't like. Also by the end of the tour everyone was kinda tired I didn't get to go out to the front of the house. Overall the tour was ok next time maybe ill take the behind the scenes tour in a couple years.

I hope you guys like my photos they are not the greatest quality since NO photography is allowed had to take them on the DL. They repeat that a few times..

Until our next adventure..