..: About Mayra

About Mayra

Hi! I'm Mayra mom to a wild 10 year old boy and a beautiful little girl. Julian and I have been together since we were 16. We met in high school while I was walking to gym I spotted him talking to one of my friends and I saw his smile and those dimples made my heart melt (I'm sure thats how it happened) and we've been in love and out of love and falling back in love ever since. Its been a looooong 13+ years but we're making work its all about balance right. Ha yeah right our life is hectic, chaotic and crazy wait those all mean the same thing. But that's our life and we wouldn't want it any other way (OK maybe sometimes we would) but having wine ready in the fridge helps ;) 

Motherhood and Lipstick  is a lifestyle blog, I hope its a place I can use to encourage moms to feel great and feel fabulous. Moms have the toughest job and just because you are a mom does not mean you have to give up on your personal style or things you love. If you can you should still take some extra time to pamper yourself and feel good about how you look or just take time to do something you love. Me time is one of my favorite times.

My style is pretty simple and feminine. I love bold colors and prints year round,  I think I get that from my mom when I was younger my mom would wear bright print dresses and I would be like mom what are you wearing (I was kinda tom boyish) now look at me i'm the same.  

I hope you guys enjoy this  blog of mine. I love getting to share a little piece of our lives with you guys.