..: July 2013

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Family fun: Disney Vacation

Hello! cant sleep tonight so I finally got to downloading my pictures all 354 of them since last october onto my laptop. Also watching some movie on Lifetime that sucked me in. Anyways  i'm horrible at transferring my pictures even worse at printing them I don't even remember the last time I printed pictures. So what are you guys up to this late night :)

These are obviously of our family vacation to Disneyland and California adventure we took in late April. It was Julian and Juliana's first time (I know he's never been to Disneyland, I couldn't believe it either) It was my third time and Jon's second time me and Jon went on a quick mommy and son trip to disney about two years ago. We had a great time of course how cant we its Disneyland, weather was nice not too hot and it wasn't so packed that we had to wait in line for hours. My coworker who loves Disney, Actually she just got married there in May, recommended we go March/ April because its not so packed. 

Julian and Jon actually liked California Adventure more than Disney (must be a guy thing) I do have to say Cars Land was pretty amazing!!!

We also did the character dinning it was included in our vacation package. It was fun for the experience but the food was not that great it was buffet style American/ Spanish/ Chinese type food and the dessert was really nice looking but also didn't taste that great. But the kids really enjoyed it.

Until next time Disney!