..: January 2015

Friday, January 30, 2015

Forgotten Boots

Hi! Todays outfit I paired with these boots that I probably bought almost two years ago at Forever 21. This is the first time that I wear them. Ok this is what happened every summer I put my winter clothes and boots in boxes, so they are out of our closet. Somehow I ended up putting these boots in a random box and completely forgot about them, until we moved and I was going through all our boxes. Surprise these forgotten boots were inside!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Jonathan turns 9

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Deal Alert-Too Faced Better Than Chocolate Essentials

Update SOLD OUT!!

Hey guys! Its late I know, but I was taking a break from learning about Final Cut Pro. Browsing online and I came across HSN special today it's Too Faced Better Than Chocolate Essentials and it includes a 1 year subscription to Glamour. It's $50 ($103.71 value) includes free shipping and also two different flex pay options. I haven't bought anything from Too Faced in a while and I have been wanting to try the Better than Sex Mascara.  I just ordered mine cant wait to get my hands on this!! 


Juliana Turns 3

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Pretty in Lace

Hope you guys are enjoying your lovely Saturday. This lace dress I got as a Christmas present last year from Julian. I wore it this last weekend to Juliana's birthday. I think its just super pretty and feminine, and it helps that its flattering to all this weight i've been gaining.  I need to get myself together and get back on track again.

I bought this E-book it's called 4 weeks to fit and gives you a grocery list and  full meal plans for four weeks and an extra three weeks. Im starting it next week along with regular exercise. See if that helps me get back on track. Its been so hard especially since I stopped working. Even though the kids do keep me busy, its just been so hard for me to find a routine and find some balance. I think i'm going to video vlog when I start, on my Youtube channel.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Monster Jam

Years ago I went to my first Monster Jam with my cousins and I remember it was super LOUD, but I had a blast. This weekend Saturday January 24- Sunday January 25, Monster Jam is coming to Sacramento!! And on Saturday it's Jon's 9th birthday, so I plan on surprising him with the show. He is going to be so excited its going to be his first time going to Monster Jam. He thinks we're just going out for a birthday dinner. Seeing monster trucks fly up to 130 feet who wouldn't have a great time.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Minnie Piñata

Hello everyone! I know Ive been a little m.i.a, but if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you would know its because i've been super busy planning a party. Juliana's 3rd birthday party to be exact. It was the first time we were going to have a big party for her with both our families and friends. Her first and second birthday were low key since we didn't have family close by.  Here is the piñata I made for her party. It was my first time giving this a try and might be my last it was quite time consuming, maybe I would make something a little bit smaller.

Total time- 3 hours
I did about an hour a day

Cost- Less than $10

 Supplies Needed
Box cutter/ Precision Knife
Glue (I used Elmer's Glue)
Crepe streamers (I used 2 pink. 1 black)
Packaging tape for a strong hold
Round all purpose labels (I used Avery 3/4" diameter)
Black card stock for ears (Optional)
Pink card stock for bow (Optional

I started with an old Home Depot box we had laying around drew on a number 3

Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Chair I Found

In the old apartment building we use to live in they had an area where residents could leave furniture they did not want anymore. It's a wonderful place for someone who likes to up cycle.  Reminds me of all the furniture I had to leave behind, when we made our move. It didn't all fit in the U-haul, but lets not open that can of worms. I had picked up this chair in that pile when I was dropping something off. Julian looked at me like I was crazy, you have to excuse him he has no imagination. Oh, but when I saw that chair I couldn't stop thinking of the possibilities. It was just an adorable chair, perfect for Juliana's room and it was just her size.

That was six months ago that I found that chair, when we moved I just shoved it in the shed and thought i'll deal with you later. Early December I found myself driving by a Hobby Lobby and had to stop for a quick peak. I could spend hours in that place. I came out with this fabric print at 40% off, I picked up two yards. I paid maybe about $5.00 for the fabric. It was perfect for the chair that I found all those months ago. I know it's a busy print, but the plan is to keep everything else in Juli's room pretty simple. The legs I just spray painted them, with some left over turquoise spray paint.

I also changed the padding obviously, and I should really invest in a good staple gun. It was not very fun using my $12.00 one I bought at Walmart. Total time it took me about 2 hours. 


What do you guys think? Not to bad right for my first time doing upholstery.

Have a great day!!



Friday, January 2, 2015

InstaFaves- December

For December here's a peak at some of my favorite moments,

Happy New Year

Happy 2015 everyone!!! I know i'm a day late, but I was busy with family.  I hope you guys enjoyed your holiday celebrations. I did even with all the craziness and stress involved with the holidays. This last year went by so fast, that seems to be happening the older we get. We finally bought our home after much going back and fourth, whether or not we should or should we just wait and stay in the bay area a little longer. After all of Julians hard work he got a huge promotion at his new job. He still works in Walnut Creek, so the commuting is not great, but he has good hours so he does not hit bay area traffic. Jon is loving third grade and his new school. And he is doing good with the new common core learning system they started this last school year. Julianna will be 3 this month and we are planning a Minnie Mouse party. She can count to 20, knows some of her colors and her Abc's. Still loves singing and dancing her booty off.