Sunday, September 13, 2009


Stefani Pratt this looks good on her I like her make up..Check out those shoes shes very brave..

Like the shoes but im not liking this dress at all..

Taylor Swift looks stunning ..

Who wore it better??? Sorry Shakira but I think Pink wore it better.

Nikki Hilton stylin like always!!

Uhhh disaster!!!!

JLO im speechless this outfit is a hot mess oh those shoes what was she thinking!!!

I like suits her very fun..Look at those spikes on her busts wow..I like her eye make up not sure if I lik the lips I think she should have gone with a pink maybe..What do you guys think??

He's jux gorgeous :)

Beyonce looks very pretty

He's jux a douche..Her wut the f*** are you wearing

I didnt really care for her outfit but I did lik her make up really fun and fresh..

She usually looks very stylish but I dont know whether it was the dress or the make up her eyes were way too dark..

I cant wait to see her in something normal, but only she can pull this off her eye her

I really loving Lauren's dress I think it would look nice on any figure her make up was really blah to much bronzer or something..