Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Hey  I wanted to share with u guys something I recently came across...

The other day I was looking through my new customer request through MeetMark and I came upon a strange request some one asking if they can mail me a check or money order because they dont have a credit card.

This is the e-mail:
as a gift for my worker's.I will love buying this direct from you not online.All i need is:

mark Cold Shoulder Top
price: $28.00
size: large
mark A Little Twisted Bag
Get twisty!
price: $30.00
Quantity: 10
I will very happy if you can assist me with these order and we can also do business in future...,more also, you do not need to worry about the shipping cos i have and account with UPS in which i will get you a label to send them out to me.Meanwhile,I will send Certified Check's as the mode of payment,which of instant cash release.Get back with your full name and address so that the payment can be issued on a timely manner

Another customer
name is Rosita Otega, I am contacting you cos i saw some nice stuff from Mark on a friend of mine at a party and i asked her where she got them from and she told me it was from Mark, And she told me how i can order via a MARK rep cause i do not operate Credit Card cos i tried to order online and i could not cos i do not have a Credit Card.

As of now i am interested in Ordering some product from you but i will be paying for the product Via Money Order or Cashier Checks so if you accept my mode of payment kindly get back to me so i can provide you with the list of the products that i am interested in Ordering . I hope to read from you soon .

Rosita Otega

And another customer
making a google search about ordering some jewelry online via e-reps and i saw the site...meetmark.com...I browse through the homepage and I am happy to see that i can order via a Rep because I dont make use of Credit cards...I am really carried away with the excitements of the jewelries i found there and I will like to know if i can order via you.....I will make payments via a Check or Money order...Kindly email me and let me know if i can order some products from you..

Now of course i've watched plenty of 20/20, dateline NBC, MSNBC in my lifetime to know that this has some kind of scam written all over it. I was just not aware of it at all, This has never happened to me before and iv'e been selling Mark for almost a year and after these emails I still received a handful more of emails. Did you guys know about this??? Than of course I googled it and a bunch of forums came up one that I found helpful was Avonbykristin and I even found a news story

Anyways I just wantd to share this with you guys because  some people are falling victims to these kind of scams.