..: Outfit of the day: It was hot and I choose a blue maybe turquoise skirt :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Outfit of the day: It was hot and I choose a blue maybe turquoise skirt :)

Outfit details
Blazer: H&M
Top:Plato's Closet
Shoes: Target

Hi everyone this is my outfit I wore yesterday, my niece who's first day of high school is today (sigh I feel old) She wanted me to take her shopping because she was freaking out about what to wear the first day of school. I so remember those days before the first day of school I would toss and turn in bed trying to even count sheep in order to fall asleep..did that happen to you guys or was that just me.. 
So right now she's at that point in life where she is realizing she is no longer a kid and its recently hitting her she's going into HIGH SCHOOL!! She had gone shopping with her mom and she got some cute pieces some colored and printed skinnies and cute blazer and than she got some spongebob tee's . I don't know are teens wearing those now a days, because not even Jon my 6 year old would wear a spongebob tee I know he said that when she was showing us what she got (lol he has no filter when it comes to saying what he thinks)
I took her to the mall which is kind of a foreign place for me now since I do most of my clothes shopping online, because 7 month old + 6 yr old boy who hates shopping for anything but toys = total nightmare. We first went to Wet Seal which I don't remember it being so over priced for such flimsy clothing ran out of there, next her destination Forever 21 I didn't really want to be on top of her smothering her with what I think she should get because we have to different styles so I let her choose pieces and just guided her with how to pair it, what else she can wear that with and how to accessorize. She got some great stuff and I was really happy to help her!! For her first day she is going to wear a soft pink tiered tulle skirt, white black polka dot blouse, simple long gold necklace and either black ballet flats or black high top sneakers:) She is going to look amazing and i'm proud of her for stepping out of her comfort zone! Good luck Kassy!!

Have an amazing day!!!