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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Let's Catch Up

I want to start this bi- weekly post, where I can catch up with you guys. Just letting you guys know what i've been up to and other topics. Eventually I want to vlog this bi-weekly, but i'm just so shy to talk live on camera. I need to get myself together and practice.
Earlier this week I was reading a post on DolcĂ© Vanity . It was about the constant changes in blogging and social media. If you guys have been blogging or have been reading blogs for years, it was once a tight community. It was kind of like a family, if you stopped blogging for a couple days. Other bloggers or your readers would try and reach out to you, asking you what's wrong or if you were sick. Bloggers were encouraging to one another. Just because, not because they wanted something from that blogger. These days it seems like most bloggers just want to communicate with each other so they can see how they can benefit from one another. To get ahead. I see that happen a lot on Youtube and Instagram. It's just become all about the number of followers.

What are your thoughts?? Have you guys noticed this?? Leave your comments below.

    Never Never By: Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher 

Quick Summery: Best friends since they could walk. In love since the age of fourteen. 
Complete strangers since this morning. He'll do anything to remember. She'll do anything to forget. 

I love Colleen Hoover!! Her books usually grab me from the beginning and I do not want to put them down. Until i've read every single last page. This book is part of a series and is very short at only 140 pages. I didn't know it was part of a series, I didn't want to read anything online about the book that would give anything away. I really don't like reading books in a series until they all come out. I hate waiting in suspense to find out what happens next.

Have you read this one yet or what are you guys reading these days? Im almost done with this one, so I would love to hear some of recommendations for a new read. 

Photo Credit MissyonMadison

You ever get so lost on instagram looking at different profiles and you start at one persons profile. Than they have a picture tagging someone in their photo, so you click on their profile. You like their pictures so you follow them and than a pop up comes up of other people you should follow, next thing you know your like 10 profiles deep from the one you started on.  Yeah thats how I found Missy on Madison, I really like her style its feminine, full of color and her motto is "cheap can in fact be chic" And i'm all about dressing good for less.

I heard about this show a while ago, but like I read books. The same goes for when I watch a series, I like to watch a series in it's whole season. And since I don't have much time to watch T.V, it takes me forever to get through a series. I believe I was catching up with Downton Abby when I heard about this show. I usually like Abc Family shows, so I really wanted to eventually check this one out. 
Its about April she is in her early 20's just starting off her career as a very ambitious journalist. Everything starts falling into place, when she gets the devastating news that she has cancer. 
I can't even imagine or wrap my head around that. One day your life is normal and your just going on about your everyday business. You have plans for your future. Than you get news like that and it completely turns your world upside down. 

Comment down below! What are you guys up to?? Lets chat!!