..: Juliana Turns 4

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Juliana Turns 4

Today our little sassy princess turns 4. We celebrated this past Sunday with some of our family and close friends. We had a princess theme party that was going to be very simple a table cloth some party hats that's it. Than I hopped on Pinterest's and my simple ideas went out the window. You can find my board (here) of some of the ideas I went with.


 We had a minor mishap when we were braking the pinata, seems like the stick had a stick inside so when our 9 year old went to hit the pinata it flew out and was inches away from breaking a bedroom window. Thank god no one was near!

Juliana had an amazing time and was going on and on all week about her birthday. Let's just say she was a little excited about it.

Until next time