..: CONTEST TIME.........YAY..........

Sunday, June 14, 2009

CONTEST TIME.........YAY..........

OK so I realized the other day that I had reached 50 followers and as I said I would would have a CONTEST!!!!! I just want to thank all of my followers you guys are all very sweet and just leave me the nicest comments that really keep me motivated..Even though we've never met I feel like I already know you guys.... like if we've been friends forever, you know wut I mean or does that sound strange :)
Well anywhoo..... the contest is going to be to recreate A FACE CHART LOOK the lovely
Celly La Dolce Vita gave me the idea thanks grl.......It doesnt have to be a MAC face chart but in one of my last post I posted a website where you can find tons of MAC face charts if you do decide to use one of MAC.....
THE PASSWORD (case-sensitive) TO VIEW IMAGES IS: TwixtBetwixt***http://s26.photobucket.com/albums/c138/Tselovatt/MAC%20Face%20Charts/
You can use any line of cosmetics...
As of now I will have 1 winner, but if I have more than 8 entries ill have 2 winners if I have more than 16 ill choose 1st 2nd 3rd place winners.....
starts TODAY
1. Must be a follower :)
2. open to the whole UNIVERSE
3. Must place a link of my contest on your blog( the more PPL know about it the better right......) Enter only 1 time
4. Once your done with your look post it as an Enrty on your blog..with pictures of your final look CLOSE UP of FACE,LOOKING DOWN etc.....also post the face chart you used
5. notify me on my Blog by comment or E-mail me when you have posted up your look, so I can go take a peak.... E-MAIL MAYRACONTEST@HOTMAIL.COM...i will place a comment on your blog once I review your entry....Just so you guys make sure I saw it.
6. list products you used (just in case someone else likes the look)
7. winner will be chosen by me and some of my friends (winner will go to who ever followed the rules...I will be checking carefully.. and who did the best job....)
8. Contest will end JULY 10 at midnight pst