..: Trip to San Francisco

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Trip to San Francisco

Hey dolls..So Sunday we went to go take a look at some more apts. in the bay area because we're moving thats right moving to the bay area by the end of the month. My husband works in Dublin and he is very tired of the commute from Sacramento. Im pretty excited about the move i've lived in Sacramento practically my whole life.

Afterwards we decided to take a quick trip to S.F and a very quick trip it was we arrived around 5:00 So didn't get to do much shopping oh well next time. It was a cloudy day soooo happy it didn't rain on us.
Of course we had to have some yummy clam chowder. Than we took a boat trip around Alcatraz..All the time I have been to S.F. I have never actually took the Alcatraz tour, I really want to I don't know why I havnt maybe this summer. Have any of you took the tour?? Well hope u enjoy the pics. If you guys can recommend any places I must go to in S.F. please do tell..I love trying new places.

<3 Mayra