..: Budsies: Brings Children's art work to life

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Budsies: Brings Children's art work to life

Hello! a couple weeks ago I was contacted by a wonderful company with a Genius idea called Budsies. As As a parent of a 7 year old I have our fridge full of art and A+ spelling test and we now even save Jonathan's art on his wall in his bedroom we've saved pretty much all his art since preschool. My mom use to do that for me when I was a kid and I use to love seeing all my art throughout the house. But than as I grew older my art started to disappear into boxes than maybe into the dumpster at some point although my mother wont confirm that and says it must be in the garage with the rest of the random (also known as junk)stuff she has in there.

This is where Budsies comes in and you can turn your child's work of art into a custom plush toy are you still with me?? Genius didn't I tell you...Its the perfect way for your child to be able to keep possibly forever and be able to give it to their children someday and tell them how it use to be something they drew brought to life. Its so creative, the smile that Jon had on his face when his packaged arrived and he opened the box was priceless. He had chose two one of them was a lion that he made last year from tearing up construction paper and the other was of a flower he drew from when his class went to a green house earlier this year. Being a big brother he really wanted the flower to be for Juliana. I cant wait until Juliana's first art project so I can turn it into a Budsie plush toy. Jon cant wait until he is student of the week to show his entire class his Budsie and they also make cute totes with your childs drawing next to their Budsie its so cute. 

Best of all if you order during the month of November they are giving back, by producing and donating a replicate Budsie to a child in need.

You can place your order here :)

Happy drawing......