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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Arabic wedding

Hello! This past Friday we were invited to one of our friends Nagina and Mazeen's wedding reception.   The wedding was beautiful and the bride planned it all on her own in less than two months so I applaud her because I cant imagine that craziness. Ugh gives me anxiety just thinking about it. 

Funny story we were with them two days before the wedding buying the alcohol at Costco and we were walking down the isle (OK more like rushing down a isle) with Nagina who had just had a mani and pedi so she was wearing those flip flops they give you to wear out to your car.Since she was walking so fast the flip flop ripped OMG that was the funniest thing I have seen in a while. I wanted to laugh so hard out loud, but she probably would have killed me with all the pressure she was under lol!!
Back to the wedding it was a lot of fun lots and lots of dancing to Arabic music, which I thought was a lot of fun. Julian not so much because you really have to move your hips and hands a lot even the men which Julian was not a fan of so he stuck with a fast 2 step.

My dress I got the day of because like always I wait last minute for everything I hit up the mall that morning in Walnut Creek but found nothing. Started to panic so went out to lunch with my mother in law and Julian and he said he still needed to get pants. So we stopped by Sun valley Mall went to Macy's found this gorgeous black lace with gold floor length dress tried it on but it was $450 sadly had to put that one back I so blinded by how pretty it was I didn't look at the price tag till I tried it on :( I tried to hold onto it though and think where else could I wear this???
My mother in law said she wanted to buy some sweaters so we went over to JC Penny. She said I should look for a dress there. I told her I don't think they have evening dresses here, I asked one of the associates and she said yeah we have a small selection though. I went over and found a beautiful cream colored floor length dress with beading on the bust, than thought uhhh maybe wrong color to wear to a wedding. Behind that was a black one strapped fitted at the bodice but than loose floor length dress it was beautiful. ( I don't know why I was looking at floor length, I must have been feeling like a princess that afternoon) I went to go try it on pulled over my head without taking the zipper down ( felt too lazy) and it gets stuck in my bust area of course. Now I try to pull down the zipper and I cant reach, I peek outside to see if I can see Julian of course not he is on his phone yapping in the middle of the store. I try to wave him down and the fitting room attendant asks me if I need any help. I said uhh no thank you. Igo back inside the room and try one more time and nothing, now Julian comes to say let me look at the dress I came out and he says no that doesn't look right.(Ahhhhhh men) I say I know the zipper is stuck I need your help. He cant unzip it he said his fingers were slippery I don't know why. The fitting room attendant still staring at us... now I ask for her help. Finally she unzips it. HOORAY!!
I pull the dress all the way down and its too long and Julian throws in his 2 cents that I look over dressed. Than I see the dress I did choose hanging on the return bar grab it. Prayed that it was my size and it was perfect and something that I can wear again and again. Best of all I went to go pay and it was only $45.00 and the lady at the register used some kind of store coupon and brought it down to $35.00.

Photos were taking with camera phone some with a shaky hand so kinda blurry :(

Until next time!