..: #10kscoops

Sunday, July 27, 2014


Last Tuesday I was watching Good Day Sacramento and one of the segments was an ice cream event in downtown Sacramento. Benefiting the Salvation Army for every scoop they gave $1 would be donated goal was 10k hence the title of this post. It was pretty warm out so I thought it would be something perfect to take the kids to, and I haven't been to downtown since I moved back. Thats one of the things I missed about Sacramento they have a lot of the most fun random events around. The kids had lots of fun (of course free ice cream) and went back for seconds except Juliana one was enough for her she had it all over.

When we were about to leave to go to our favorite library across the street, I took a picture for my Instagram with their hashtag #10kscoops.  The next day when I was checking my Instagram they choose my photo and we won free Moose Tracks ice cream for a year. Jon was super excited! I think we'll have an ice cream party.

Have a great day!