..: Fab Kids- Juliana

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fab Kids- Juliana

About a month ago I was placing an order on Just Fab and when I finished my order a link for Fab kids popped up they were having a sale 2 of their outfits  for $29.99. I decided to give them a try I picked up this outfit for Juliana and another one for Jonathan (Ill do a separate post for his, he hasn't worn his yet) If you havent heard of Fab kids it is a subscription site and they bill you $29.99 or you can always choose more items. If you do not want to be charged you just have to skip that month by the 5th of every month. I was a little skeptical, I really thought the material was going to be very flimsy and fall apart after the first wash. Its already been through two washes and still in good condition as for the sizes Juliana is a 2t-3t, this outfit I ordered was 3t and as you can see fits her a little big. I would say I was pretty satisfied with Julianas

Happy 1st of July