..: Fashion Friday: Tribal

Friday, August 29, 2014

Fashion Friday: Tribal

Hi, yesterdays outfit I wore to my first Sactweetup. I was so nervous because I went by myself and I didn't know anyone that was going to be there. I thought to myself if I don't meet anyone than i'll just hide in a corner and be on my phone. After all its the only type of event that its not considered rude to be on your phone the whole time. It was held at Capital Dime in downtown Sacramento, they offered appetizers (they looked delicious) but I didn't get to try any because I had just ate tri tip at home.  I had fun everyone was very friendly. It was nice talking to other people that are into social media like I am, got to follow some new interesting people on twitter. The event is held once a month and I can't wait to go to the next one.

It was so sunny out

Outfit details
Tribal Top: Forever 21
Black Jeans : Jcp
Heels: Just Fab

Happy Friday!