..: Quick Get Away

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Quick Get Away

My amateur photographer moment :) this lake about 1 1/2 hours away from Vegas just looked unreal, with amazing reflection against the clouds and the mountains.

Are we there yet?

We really were craving to try Carlos Bake Shop, but of course it being a tourist attraction the line was long a little over a hour wait. Being with a group not everyone wanted to wait that long especially with little ones. So we told ourselves we would wake up early on our last day and make a stop here, that never happened.Bummer!

It was a fun mini vaca with the kids, they had a blast with their cousins. We didn't do anything spectacular (It was very hot and humid) mostly went swimming, some sight seeing found a delicious hidden gem . Well Julian found a place called Chile Verde, while searching for Mexican food. On the way there he throws at us by the way its at a gas station, we're like oh next to the gas station he said no inside the gas station. We all looked at each other like great this place must not be that great than. 
We arrived yup its inside the gas station, to the left was Chile Verde Express looked pretty modern and clean one guy cooking and taking orders. He was very polite and the food was just delicious we all ordered a chile verde burrito except Jon he wanted the nachos which were piled very high we all got to enjoy them. The burrito wasn't that spicy so they had red salsa on hand that had a little kick to it. I will definitely be going back someday. Cant wait for our next vaca :)

 Until next time..