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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Pretty Spaces: Thanksgiving Table

I just realized I have not done a pretty spaces post in a while, any who. This Thanksgiving we will be at my sister in laws house, here in Sacramento. Maybe later in the day going to my grandmas house, not sure yet. Its funny though because somehow within the lasts couple months my sister in law's dinning table chairs have been breaking (no idea, hectic household like mine haha). Her table is down to 3 from 5 chairs and one is missing the back. Its been a joke in our family that we must bring a side dish and our own chair this Thanksgiving. Did I forget to mention she has the table full of center pieces and crafts because she is the one having the quinceƱiera next month. So I am really curious to see her table scape for tomorrow.

I hope you guys all enjoy your time with your family or friends tomorrow.

Coastal Table





For the kids

Happy Feasting!


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