..: UPDATE!!!and I need some ADVICE!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

UPDATE!!!and I need some ADVICE!!!

HELLO LADIES....well my weekend was amazing did 1,000,001 things i'll posts pics of course when I find my damn camera I dont know where its hiding lol Ive been soooooooooo super busy with my new job title ugh I love it and hate it at the same time too much presure....but I heard somewhere thats what being an adult is about :) Plus im moving again still on the same property but bigger apartment I have no idea how im gonna do that, should I walk everything over there put it in my car idk. Ok I need some advice big time im not so good with confrontation unless you piss me off than I have no problem with it anywho... soo my mantinance guy which I get along great with we always ask eachother for advice big mistake cuz its like we're friends but whatever, and I guess now im kind of his boss...The problem is he is such a slacker sometimes and for the most part runs around pretending he's always busy..This week I have to confront him about it and I dont even know where to start, because its my responsibility to make sure he's on top of his game ahhhh HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Remember my CONTEST ends FRIDAY 10th at 12am pst. Ive got about 6 entries so far yay!!!!