..: Major F21 haul!!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Major F21 haul!!!!

Hey ladies I know ive been gone for a while but I vow to blog a lot more for now on. So I did some shopping this weekend I went to the F21 store in Yuba City it was huuuge and they had sooo many items on sale I will never go to another F21, of course they have some here in Sacramento, but I wanted to go for a drive and go somewher new... I got I 10 items for $89.00 I was thinking my total was goin to be like $200. So I did very good.Every thing below is from F21 except the black and white tube dress and the beige shirt that are from Charlette Ruse. I think I could have the whole day at F21 but I had my munchkin with me and u know how they hate to go shopping..