..: Bargain Treasures :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Bargain Treasures :)

Hello, so saturday we went to Sacramento to visit my in laws because we finally moved to the bay area and are now Concord residents. Anywho made a quick stop at Denios  in Roseville,Ca which is a huge farmers market where they sale everything from fresh strawberries to house furniture etc. ( The place where I also found someone selling fake MAC before) it was pretty warm out so we didn't stay to long I did however buy some really cute accessories all for $1 what can be better than that right..

I put on the earrings on as soon as we left and they happened to go with my make up its a little to matchy matchy, but I don't care I love them. Than we made a stop at a grocery store and their was this plus size store closing right next door and everything was 80% off. Of course I hurried in to see what goodies they   had left it was mainly displays under garments some really funky bags and some clothes that were too big for me than I saw their accessory area with lots of jewelry  so I picked earrings and two watches which were previously priced at $30 I wish I would have got more watches. I also picked up 3 scarves that I could get my hand s on because these elderly ladies were surrounding the scarf box.

Earrings $2
Watches each $5

Scarves each $3

Don't you love it when you score good deals?? Whats a good deal you guys have recently found??

<3 Mayra