..: OOTD + Some Great NEWS!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

OOTD + Some Great NEWS!!

Hello ladies hope you guys are enjoying your tuesday evening, Im just about to start dinner and finish this post. So this was my outfit for today these heels are semi comfortable I can wear them for about 2 hours before I feel like my legs are gonna fall off.. 
Also wanted to let you guys know that me and my hubby are expecting our second child!!! About next spring we are soooooo super excited we were trying to have a baby last year since our son is 5 now but it didn't happen. Than my co worker said it could be because of my diet, weight many reasons so I changed my eating habits and started exercising regularly and lost about 30lbs best feeling ever!! Im really hoping for a little girl, but whatever god blesses us with will be fine. My son of course wants a little brother, he said if its a girl he's gonna ignore her because she's gonna be annoying hahaha :)

Dress: Ross
Shoes: AmiClubWear

Some accessories I bought over the weekend

<3 Mayra