..: Make up Monday: Daytime/ Nightime smokey eye

Monday, July 16, 2012

Make up Monday: Daytime/ Nightime smokey eye

Hi everyone so to stay motivated on doing YT videos i've created a schedule of when and what type of videos I will be uploading like this one I will be uploading a make up video every Monday.

Also we're still working on our online store while we were in Los Angeles we got to meet up with some designers and merchandisers so we can look at the quality of the clothing and make sure its great quality. We are still looking to open fall 2012 when im done with my classes. Oh i'm still soo excited I just can't hide it!!!

We are back from our vacation we've been back since Saturday. I had an amazing time, one last thing kind of out of the blue Julian tells me yesterday that he wants to move out of California like seriously move... He wants to move to Texas or Las Vegas for the next couple years and than he wants us to eventually settle in the Los Angeles area. It kind of took me by surprise I mean we've talked about it a little before but just joking around. Im not sure how I feel about it yet, yes it would nice to try a different state for a while. But to leave our families not that we live now in the same city of our families, but they just are an hour away. I'll keep you guys updated.