..: July 2012

Monday, July 30, 2012

Make up Monday: Glamorous

*Products used

Liquid foundation- MAC Studio sculpt NC37
Powder-Maybelline fit me 230
concealer Maybelline fitme 25

Eyelid- Primer Elf
Lid- Revlon creme shadow illuminance lightest shade
All over lid-Mac Pigment Naked
Outer V into crease under waterline- Mac Dark edge
Crease -Mac tempting
Inner corner & highlight- Mac next to nothing

Liner- cover girl blackest black
Lashes- Ebay
Mascara- Rimmel Day 2 night black

Blushcreme- Mac Posey

Lipliner- Revlon colorstay Wine

Lipstick- Nyx Hebe
Happy Monday!!!


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Outfit of the day: Hello Yellow





Outfit Details
Blazer & faux leather leggings: Target
Top: Old Navy
Necklace: F21
Heels: Ami clubwear

Hi everyone so this was my outfit on friday and it was mine and Julians first shoot on location. We were on our way to Sacramento and I told him we should stop and do an outfit of the day shoot since I never really take photos outside. I wouldn't want you guys to think that I don't leave my house with the outfits I put together haha :) Im really just trying to get over my fear of taking photos in front of other people its just strange people looking at you wondering why your taking photos, but i'm starting to over come my fear who cares what other people think right!! Especially on this day we were on Freeport near the river a lot of cars passing by and fishermen fishing and I just tried to keep my mind clear and just focus on how the sun was blinding my because it was so bright.


Hola! este es mi look del viernes es la primera vez que mi toma fotos mi marido afuera de la casa. Porque me da mucha pena tomar fotos en frente de otras personas, pero estoy empezando a superar el miedo! Este día estábamos en camino a Sacramento Y le dije a Julian que deberíamos parar para tomar fotos de mi look y nos paramos en la Freeport cercas del rio. Había muchas personas y autos pasando y yo solo trate de mantener mi mente clara y no centrar en las otras personas.


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Our trip Las Vegas to Los Angeles good times!!

So we had a blast on our trips first stop was Vegas for three days and we did take Jon and Juliana because we went with Julians brother and his wife who took their three teenagers. Like I said it was a LOT of FUN it has probably been two years since we last went to Vegas. We did a lot of sight seeing believe it or not iv'e been to Vegas a lot, but  never went to the Fremont experience until this trip. Jon loved it of course all the lights and the zip line that goes right down the middle. We went out to two night clubs because we LOVE to dance we went to Vanity the first night inside The Hard Rock and the second night we went to Pure inside Ceasars Palace which was very nice with a great view of the strip. The one thing I didn't like was how hot it was oh boy was it hot even at night 100 degrees thats my only complain about Vegas. Me and heat do not go well together I become a monster just ask Julian. We ate all kinds of food, but before we left we had to stop at Hash house a gogo the one inside China palace that hotel/casino is not the nicest looking but you guys have to try this place food is very good they give you ginormous portions from around $10-$15 me and julian always share the chicken and waffle btw the waffles have a bacon strip stuffed inside (I love something sweet and savory) and Jon had the huge chocolate chip pancake.

On to Los Angeles we stayed there 2 days, I have to say each time I come here I fall more and more in love with it. There is just so much to do and everything is opened late (we're night people) I love to people watch in this city because there is just so much diversity and all kinds of personal style. Of course we walked down Hollywood blvd Jon likes to hop on all the stars, he was like why aren't there stars on our side walk where we live haha. We finally got to hike up to the Hollywood sign totally unprepared, but we did it anyways its about two miles up up and up the view from the top was just amazing I just wish it was a clear day, but it was super humid. 
After nothing better than to go to Roscoe 's chicken and waffles Julian loves their chicken I really like their waffles, oh I also had tried this Vegan   place in Studio city called KineKreme I got their coconut soft serve ice cream very creamy and oatmeal cookie sooo yummy both full of so much flavor  pretty expensive though $4 for a scoop cookie $2. Had a great time with my family created a lot of great memories and Julian was finally able to relax without thinking about work or getting tons of calls about work so that was very nice to see. I love seeing my husband laugh and enjoying life without having to worry about the day to day stuff even though its just for that moment.

Hope you guys are enjoying your summer!!


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fashion Friday: Lean Green

Top & Shoes: Target
Skirt & Necklace: F21
Clutch: Express

Jon sneaking into my photo haha :)

Hello, I know I haven't done an outfit of the day in a while, but I hope you guys enjoy this one. This is what I wore today this skirt I bought a little over two years ago and still have it and have only wore it no more than 3 times, so I decided to pull it out today since it was pretty warm out. So ever since I went to L.A (btw ill have my vacation photos up tomorrow) I became really inspired to start dressing up more,why you may ask well im gonna tell you the night we arrived it was pretty late so we didn't get to do much until about 12:00am when we decided just to go to the movies to watch Ted. So since it was soo late I just threw on a white tee some ripped jeans and some flip flops I thought no biggie there probably wont be a lot of people there. 
Wrong we went to the movie theater at The Grove and there were a lot of people dressed up very nice a little to nice in my opinion to just go out and see a movie. Just the whole time we were in L.A. I noticed people put a lot of effort into looking nice and snazzy :) So I thought i'm going to start doing that too more often even if i'm just going to be at home, because honestly it does make you feel better as long as your comfortable.

Have a great weekend!!!


Monday, July 16, 2012

Make up Monday: Daytime/ Nightime smokey eye

Hi everyone so to stay motivated on doing YT videos i've created a schedule of when and what type of videos I will be uploading like this one I will be uploading a make up video every Monday.

Also we're still working on our online store while we were in Los Angeles we got to meet up with some designers and merchandisers so we can look at the quality of the clothing and make sure its great quality. We are still looking to open fall 2012 when im done with my classes. Oh i'm still soo excited I just can't hide it!!!

We are back from our vacation we've been back since Saturday. I had an amazing time, one last thing kind of out of the blue Julian tells me yesterday that he wants to move out of California like seriously move... He wants to move to Texas or Las Vegas for the next couple years and than he wants us to eventually settle in the Los Angeles area. It kind of took me by surprise I mean we've talked about it a little before but just joking around. Im not sure how I feel about it yet, yes it would nice to try a different state for a while. But to leave our families not that we live now in the same city of our families, but they just are an hour away. I'll keep you guys updated.

Friday, July 6, 2012

On vacation we go!!

Hey ladies finally I will be getting away I love the bay area but its nice of course to get away...I will be leaving tonight headed to Vegas for the weekend and than Los Angeles for the rest of next week. Not looking forward to the heat but its a sacrifice i'm willing to make :) If you guys have any places I have to check out please do tell!! I will be sharing all my photos and any goodies I buy when I come back next week. Of course I will be updating my instagram username MOMMYNHEELS.

( This was the last time we went and did a bus tour in L.A.)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The best kind of fun!

 Hi! it was such a nice day out today not so hot. So we decided to go have lunch at heather farms park where I usually go running. Its so nice there a lot to explore  when Jon gets bored on the play ground. I love watching him explore using his imagination, makes me feel like i'm doing a good job. I had a great imagination when I was little maybe because I was an only child. But things were different than we didn't have all these vast variety of electronics that we have now {gosh I felt old for a moment}. So I think thats what I love the most that even though we have all these electronics he still would rather be outdoors!! I hope that last!