..: Winchester Mansion

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Winchester Mansion

Hello! So last night finally after many many (one more MANY) years on my bucket list, we finally went to the Winchester mansion!!! Our tour was not until 10:30 so we decided to first go for some dinner and drinks on Santa Row. Which I guess is suppose to be like an oh so fun and fabulous upscale area in SJ, I've never been their before. Made me wish we would have gone even earlier to do some shopping. Oh parking it took us about 45 minutes to find parking, it was a total nightmare. We had our fingers crossed we would not loose our reservations because when we had called Yard House the wait was an hour and a half long. They were really nice though when we called and told them we were running late they said they would still hold our table. So finally at the restaurant Julian was in heaven tons and tons of different beer on tap. I'm not much of a beer drinker so of course I had red wine. It was yummy. Ugh than mishap happens a waitress breaks a plate in front of me and spills some kind of sauce on my legs and arms GREAT!! glad I was wearing black pants. The manager came over apologized and gave me her card told me to have my clothes dry cleaned on her. I told her it was ok I probably wont be coming back. Than I was like oh I sounded rude, than I told her its because we're not from this area. She said oh ok than anything I ordered was on the house. Finally our friends arrived they couldn't find parking either if you ask me it would have been easier to drive together since we live in the same area, but whatever that didn't occur to Julian (I let him plan this date night)

It was already 9:30 still had to order food we were all starving because of that already a little tipsy. We had to all eat our food super fast to make our tour.
I don't know how we made it, but we did. Oh and because we were running late we couldn't change into our flats in the car so yeah had to do the tour in heels. Which would have not been so bad if I wasn't wearing them since 8 in the morning (So yeah my feet sill ache) Our tour started and they take a picture of your group before you enter with riffles, we didn't buy them since the bottom of my shirt was stained. On with the tour we met our tour guide she was pretty creepy looking, I wasn't sure if that was just her look or she was in character but she was creepy. Also on our tour was a tourist that says she feels spirits so that was kind cool. I didn't go to the tour to be scared or to encounter some kind of paranormal activity like the rest of my group. I just went to look at the houses architecture and the crazy layout, I like that kind of stuff. The tour started in the room with all the priceless Tiffany stained glass and lasted about an 1 hr  1/2. We stayed behind for the most part from our whole group so we can some what explore on our own which is nearly impossible since most doors are locked or roped off that's what I didn't like. Also by the end of the tour everyone was kinda tired I didn't get to go out to the front of the house. Overall the tour was ok next time maybe ill take the behind the scenes tour in a couple years.

I hope you guys like my photos they are not the greatest quality since NO photography is allowed had to take them on the DL. They repeat that a few times..

Until our next adventure..