..: Costume party! 1920's girl

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Costume party! 1920's girl

Hello! Last week I went to a last minute costume party that my friend Karen's daughter decided to have that morning.  Jon and her daughter went to kindergarten for like 5 minutes together before he got transferred to our choice school. Well he made a lasting impression on her she calls him Jonathan James (not his name lol) and so he was invited to her costume party, where I ran into another friend Ana and she invited Julian and I to her brothers costume party this last Saturday.  
I really didn't plan to do anything this Halloween besides taking the little ones trick or treating. So of course I had no costume, and have you gone to any of the costume stores this close to Halloween it is a total mad house. We decide anyways to go Spirit on Wednesday to see what they have I had no idea what I even wanted to dress up as. I finally see a flapper dress and thought oh that's pretty cute did not really care for the $49.99 price tag for such a cheap costume but I was already flustered, and of course they don't have my size all they had was small grrrr. Gave up and left went to Target the next day found Julian's costume, but nothing for me. Finally Saturday as I was getting ready for work I decided I finally need a coat because its too cold outside I go back into my closet and I see this lace dress I completely forgot I had. I wore it I believe last new years eve. I thought this is perfect to dress up as maybe the 20's  era, I looked over to my accessories and found a head piece but no long strands of pearls. So one last quick trip after work to target and my costume was finally complete. I was so proud of my self. What do you guys think of my costume??
 The party was tons of fun of course, I liked seeing all the different costumes I was surprised Karen was able to find and finish her corpses bride costume she looked great.

Happy Halloween!!
Until next time!