..: We finally moved

Friday, June 20, 2014

We finally moved

Welcome to our house which in time we hope to turn into our home. We bought a 1950 3 bedroom two bath in sunny Sacramento, CA. Its a perfect starter home for our small family, we got really lucky it was one of the first homes we saw. We fell in love with the yard  and that it was  a corner home, we like a lot of out door space. We have a lot to do even though this house was flipped, the yard needs a lot of work its a blank space, the fence needs to be replaced, it needs central AC and heat and other small things. So we have our work cut out for us. We are sooo happy to finally be moved in right now i'm just unpacking organizing the stuff we brought from our apartment going through things we are going to keep, donate or throw away. Our first project will be to replace the fence on the side of the house and extend it a little.

Of course I will keep you guys updated on all our home projects.

The garage was turned into a master suit so we have two huge sheds in the back yard

Entry the entire house interior was painted a beige color on camera comes out kind of yellowish works for now, but we will eventually be painting the different rooms. Not sure what colors yet.

Living room/ Entry to kitchen


Dinning area

Guest bath

 Master bath

 Master bedroom behind this is a huge window 

Well hope you enjoy the rest of your friday!