..: My Holiday Wishlist 2014

Thursday, December 18, 2014

My Holiday Wishlist 2014

My Holiday Wishlist

1. Lorac Pro Palette, I've had my eye on this palette forever. I don"t even know if  they even have the first one, I believe they are limited addition. You can let me know if i'm wrong. I love this palette has both the same amount of shimmer shades as well as matte. 

2. Too Faced Chocolate bar 2, I remember a while back when I was buying my Naked 2 palette. I had taken a photo of both palettes side by side and posted it to my Instagram. Asking which one should I buy and I got few comments saying definitely the Naked palette. The Chocolate bar was not worth the price, but recently I've been back to watching YouTube videos again (since I want to start making videos again) And a lot of girls on there have been using the Too faced palette 1 and I have been loving their looks.

3.Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour palette, I don't know why I still haven't bought this yet. Must have!!

4.Smaller Flat head foundation brush, Just until recently I decided I need to add this to my collection. A smaller flat  brush to apply my liquid foundation on a little better especially my matte finishing ones. 

5.While cooking or cleaning up, I really like listening to music or catching up on one of my many shows that I need to catch up on. So I could really use a bluetooth speaker. My phone or Ipad is just not loud enough. Plus something small we can carry to the lake would be great.

6. Statement necklace just because they look AWESOME!

7.Love this coat! Ok, I love any over sized coat. Regretting giving my long black one to my mother in law last year.

8. Black booties, Oh the joy of having pets Gisele chewed up my favorite pair,

9. Small dainty rings, I really like how they look.

10. I'm not much of a sneaker girl as you can probably tell, but having some classics never hurt. Especially pairing them up with ripped jeans and a tee.

What's on your wishlist this year??

Happy Holidays!!