..: Gift Ideas from a Boy

Monday, December 22, 2014

Gift Ideas from a Boy

An 8 year old boys holiday wish list

Hi! everyone please welcome our son Jonathan to the blog. He is giving us an insight to what an 8 year old boy might want for the holidays.

1. My mom bought this for my cousin last year it was pretty cool. Especially at night.

2. Minecraft my favorite game, I have it on my moms iPad, but I want it for my xbox. I had got it last year, but than my sister knocked the xbox down and it scratched. Ugh sisters!

3. Tablet to play games, watch gaming videos and oh yeah read.

4. This light is awesome!

5. These sweaters are cool, I like scaring my sister when I zip the whole thing up.

6. Some Jordans these are pretty cool. I promise to take care of them!

7. Scooter fun to do tricks!

There you have it a wish list according to Jon are eight year old son. Who surprised us with his list, We thought there was going to be a lot more electronics on there.

Happy Holidays from our family to yours!