..: Weekend Snaps

Monday, May 4, 2015

Weekend Snaps

We had a lot of fun this weekend! We went to San Jose to visit some friends for fight night. I didn't really care who won, I was just there for the delicious food, yummy drinks, and great company. I love it that once a couple times a year we hang out with Julian's childhood friends. The bond that they have, after all, these years,  and now all grown up most married with a family of their own it's nice. And hearing all the crazy stories from when they were younger is enough entertainment for the night.

Of course staying at a hotel all the kids wanted to do was swim. I swear when we go on mini trips we don't even have to go anywhere interesting as long as its a nice hotel and it has a pool the kids are happy staying there all day long.

Hope you guys have a fabulous week!!

Next post will be up Wednesday 5/6