Wednesday, May 13, 2009


So I just finished watching the series premier of the the houswives of New Jersey..Ok I dont know why I watch these shows they are my guilty pleasure.So wut did you guys think of the show??? Well I thought it was just crazy total stero type of jersey girls big hair fake nails fake tan fake fake fake so pretty much like the rest of the housewives =) And why do they make italian families seem mob like..Its not right..My fave is Jacqueline she seems most down to earth. Danielle and Teresa ugh they got on my last damn nerve,but its kind of funny how Danielle does not hide the fact that she is a gold digger most housewives try to hide that..Teresa I dont even know where to start she looks like a hot mess like a tranny even and raising your kids to think beauty is everything is jux raising them to fail and look for sugardaddies when they grow up. I hate when parents try to act like their kids best friend and than wonder where they went wrong..One thing I thought was strange was when she bought $120,000 worth of furniture in cash and started pulling out the stacks of cash that was strange....The other two sisters ummm im not sure wut to think yet they made the oldest sister seem like a saprano wife well thats how they made the show feel like..I cant wait to see all that other drama that I seen in the previews......Toodles