..: Vacaville Premium Outlets

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Vacaville Premium Outlets

So I went to go do some shopping today before Julians football game we went to the outlets in Vacaville of course I went to the CCO I just got 1 thing since Julian was looking over my shoulder saying something about I have too much make up..thats why I usually go shopping by myself... I got the pink dress and belt at Rue 21 and the long grey top at forever 21 last week.


Julian got shirts for work because he always gets shirts for work....and finally he got his Patriots jersey that he's been wanting forever and ever..and these cufflinks which he blames me for buying them, when all I said was Julian look at these cufflinks...I didnt say omg you have to buy these cufflinks(hes crazy) he has major buyers regret...Me I dont even know wut that is :)

This is him stretching before his game I just threw that in here lol