..: Its friday YAY!!! Giveaway soon!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Its friday YAY!!! Giveaway soon!!

Juliana turned 2 months earlier this week, I cant believe how alert she seems she's starting to look at your mouth when you talk and smile at you when you smile at her. I try to think back to when Jon was a baby and things he did at different stages, I cant really remember I feel horrible the whole time he was a baby seems like a whole blur and I don't know why. I think I was just so consumed by making sure he was healthy, safe, germ free, not sick, in other words very paranoid that I didn't get to enjoy his first months. Until I look at photos and i'm like oh yeah he did that or oh yeah we went their haha.  
On wednesday's when its not raining we have a play date with some of the kids in Jons class after school and one of the moms told me i'm enjoying Juliana more now since she's our second and we know what were doing now (true) Than she told me this joke she heard about parenting it went something like when you have your first child and his pacifier falls you sanitize it for him, when your second child's pacifier falls you wipe it with wipes  and when your third childs pacifier falls you just wipe it off on your shirt and give it back to him :) is that kinda true??

On another note yesterday we finished Jons leprechaun trap it came out soo cute..It was the first time I let Jon use the hot glue gun and he thought it was just the coolest thing ever. He wanted to glue everything he could to that trap, and he thought it was just soooo HILARIOUS every time I burned myself until he burned the tip of his finger of course not so funny he got so mad and wanted to put a big ol bandaid on his finger.
  The trap itself we went with when the leprechaun lifts the gold the traps falls on him. He presented it today and it worked great (Thank goodness) 
Next project "all about me" board due monday because he's monkey/student of the week next week.... 

P.S. Im having a giveaway ( happy dance!!!) yay!!! more details this weekend!!!