..: Shot time, Quick Tip

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Shot time, Quick Tip

Yesterday Juliana had her first set of shots compared to when Jon had his shots it went well she had just cried when she got poked than that was it. When Jon got them he cried like he was in sooo much pain that I started crying. I can be one tough cookie but when it comes to my baby's in pain I can't help it.  
Than after that I got Mirena inserted (That might be TMI) but may I just that was sooo painful I cant believe I didn't research it more. My doctor suggested that instead of birth control pills because they make me SUPER moody I hate it.

Quick Tip:
While I was in the waiting room I was reading Marie Clair.  They had a quick tip for those who dye there hair at home if you rub vasalin around your hairline it keeps it from going on to your skin. If it does get on your skin you can rub baby oil on the skin to remove it.