..: Minnie Love

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Minnie Love

I fell for her tantrum at Target all I wanted to do was take her a cute picture with a few over sized stuffed animals and when we were all done. Cute picture uploaded to Instagram, I went to put the stuffed animals away and as soon as I grabbed Minnie, she said no Minnie. Uhhh ok, but Minnie has to go back to her friends and so the tantrum begins. There we were in the middle of Target and Juliana is crying at the top of her lungs to give Minnie back, I just wanted to hide behind a shelf I was so embarrassed. She has not done this to me before I gave in got her the Minnie. She was so exited when we left she was hugging Minnie the whole time it was so cute. 

When we move i'm taking a little break from working and focusing on school and Jon and Juliana. I cant wait these last two years working time has gone by so fast. They are growing up so fast I feel like i'm missing everything and I really hate that.

By the way this photo was taken with my new DSLR camera!! Finally I took the plunge for mothers day and bought the Nikon 3200, I heard its a very good camera for a first timer like myself just getting into photography. I was a bit over whelmed when I first took it out of the box I have so much to learn. I've been learning a lot of tips though from Pinterest and Click it up a Notch.

Enjoy the rest of you Saturday its going to be a hot one