..: What do you mean closed??

Sunday, May 11, 2014

What do you mean closed??

OK i'm just going to throw it out there i'm not really one to plan ahead. As much as I would love to plan way in advance and have the car nicely packed for a outing with Jon and Juliana (oh and Jon's best bud B.) I'm more of a oh that's sounds like a great idea throw a back pack full of I don't know what in the car and we're off. But oh wait T. is it ok if B. can go to this amazzzzzing place in Berkeley called Adventure play ground he would have soooo much fun.(T. of course he can) So now we're off cruising down hwy 24, 20 minutes later we see the big SF buildings in the distance. Kids know were almost there. Jon to B."Dude there's SF ugh we should have gone there instead, oh well this Adventure place will be so much more fun."

Finally we arrive, parking lot is looking kind of empty. Kids run out of the car to the entrance and they are closed. (Crap) I flash back trying to remember the last time we came it was a Tuesday, its Wednesday why are they closed. Than I remember it was also summer vacation ohhh right. Now they are only open Saturday and Sunday. Now what do we do we look around, and the beach is right there and a play ground. So we decide we are just going to make the best of it its a nice day out we're going to explore. Jon and B. go out by the water trying to find sea shells. Juliana decides she wants to find out whats running back and fourth between the bushes. Surprise there are squirrels everywhere big ones small ones, and they come right up to you and stand up wanting food is my guess. After being there around two hours we decide to call it a day, we go out for ice cream than take B. home. Everyone still had a fun time, i'm sure the ice cream had something to do with that.

Happy Mothers day!! I hope all you mommy's get to put your feet up all day and relax :)