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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Creative space

After finally putting everything up in the rest of the house, I finally got around to finishing my desk. I found it unfinished it used to be white and beige and very beat up. I wanted to keep it white, but surprise when I came home from work Julian and Jon had already started painting it black. Everything in our apartment was black all of our furniture, so when we bought our home I really wanted to lighten it up. Since they had already started painting it black I didn't want to change it. 

I put it in front of our bedroom by the window. Which i'm still trying to decide what kind of curtains to put up there. All the frames are from Ikea except the one with the lime green trim that one is from Hobby Lobby. It used to be orange with the lime green trim, I got it because it was on clearance for $1 maybe because it was lime green and orange or because of the chip it has at the bottom. I had extra black paint so I just painted it. 

I really like how this space came out, when I sit here to blog or class work I feel very creative. Now I just have to get a comfy chair.

Owl, Flowers & Basket: Hobby Lobby
Vase, desk lamp & Heart print: Ikea
Mini vases: Target dollar section
Mirror: TJ Max

Happy decorating!