..: Fashion Friday: My Fall wish list

Friday, September 26, 2014

Fashion Friday: My Fall wish list

Hi everyone, here are a few items i've been drooling over for fall. I really need to go shopping, when we were getting ready to move I got rid of sooo much clothes. My closet was beginning to look like I was a hoarder. During this cleaning spree it seems I got rid of most of my fall/winter clothes. So when it rained the other day ( Hooray by the way, we'er in a serious drought here in California you know) Any who I was very unprepared for the wet weather.  All my boots, I did not get rid of those, but they are in boxes in storage. I need to get those out. Most of my sweaters I have are very thin, so I really want a big comfy knitted sweater. Cant wait to get to shopping!

What are some of your items on your fall wish  list?

Fashion Friday: My Fall wishlist

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You guys have a great weekend!