..: Happy New Year

Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year

Happy 2015 everyone!!! I know i'm a day late, but I was busy with family.  I hope you guys enjoyed your holiday celebrations. I did even with all the craziness and stress involved with the holidays. This last year went by so fast, that seems to be happening the older we get. We finally bought our home after much going back and fourth, whether or not we should or should we just wait and stay in the bay area a little longer. After all of Julians hard work he got a huge promotion at his new job. He still works in Walnut Creek, so the commuting is not great, but he has good hours so he does not hit bay area traffic. Jon is loving third grade and his new school. And he is doing good with the new common core learning system they started this last school year. Julianna will be 3 this month and we are planning a Minnie Mouse party. She can count to 20, knows some of her colors and her Abc's. Still loves singing and dancing her booty off.


This year my goals are to blog more, I did a little better for a while last year, but I know I can do more. I want to enroll back in school and get my degree in marketing/ computer science. I'm taking a few computer classes online, but online courses do not seem to be for me. I've been kind of discouraged to return to school, which brings me to my quote above. I've just felt like i'm too old, I think this is just a mental thing . I saw this article, gosh I wish I could remember where I saw it. In the article they interviewed a bunch a successful women that I look up to entrepreneurs, CEO'S, designers. They asked them kind of like a time line of their success. And looking at I it really opened my eyes, that you are never to old to pursue something different or to change your dream. 

Can I share a secret with you guys my whole life I have always had a feeling inside that I am destined for something great. And that feeling does not go away, no matter how deep I try to bury it, its still there.  I don't know what it is that I am destined for, but I think i'm going to start setting the path so I can find out what it is. Whatever it may be.

Get in shape, I know such a cliche´, but I need to change my lifestyle. Eating more clean, working out more regularly and definitely drinking more water. Im just so tired of being tired all the time and being so all over the place maybe its motherhood, but i'm blaming it on being unhealthy. 

Do you guys have any plans for the New Year? Please share with me I would like to know.