..: Easter Fun

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Easter Fun

Easter selfie

Meet Abby the newest member of our family.

Hubby running out of places to hide the eggs

Toddlers up first

 We had such a fun filled Easter weekend! I had misplaced my camera, which is why I'm uploading my pictures so late. Only I can manage to  misplace a big DSLR camera.

 We started our Easter festivities on Saturday attending the State Capitol egg hunt sponsored by Blue Heart International which helps victims of human trafficking. They wanted to break the Guinness world record for the most hidden easter eggs. They had over 500,000 eggs, but the record was not broken. I heard the news that the shipping was delayed on the eggs, so the event didn't qualify.
 I expected it to be packed, but not as much as it was there were thousands of people. I heard there was major chaos during the VIP egg hunt parents trampling over kids. We did the free egg hunts the kids had fun got lots of eggs. After you would exchange the eggs at different stations for handfuls of candy. They also had different activities jump houses, face painting, and different food trucks, but like I said it was just soo packed we didn't stay too long after the egg hunt.

On Easter, we went to visit my sister in law in Stockton for some delicious food and more egg hunting. Juli is obsessed with eggs since surprise eggs became a thing on YouTube. I really wanted to buy her Kinder eggs, but I could not find any anywhere.They are chocolate eggs with a surprise inside. We had a great time with family ate too much food and way too many sweets.

Have a nice day!