..: Potty Training- What Worked For Us

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Potty Training- What Worked For Us

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When Juliana was 2 I looked at couple tips on how to potty train, but she just did not seem interested. We tried again at 2 and a half, she went a couple times and was excited about it. After a couple times, she was over it and again lost interest. At three I was really starting to get worried that she was not potty trained. Jon was potty trained at 2 and a half. He just decided one day he was going to go to the bathroom. We had our little nephew over that weekend that was potty trained and seeing him go to the bathroom. Jon wanted to do the same. Easy Peasy.

I started to search mommy blogs and forums about some tips, but most of what I saw was my daughter was potty trained at 18 months. Or my son was at 24 months and so on and so on. Panic set in that I was going to be judged at the playground for my 3-year-old still wearing a diaper. Whispers at the grocery store check out that my giant kid is still wearing a diaper.

Then on our local morning news station Good Day Sacramento had a segment. One of their news anchors was also in the same situation and bought a book at Barnes and Noble, something about potty training in 48 hours. By having a treasure box full of little surprises for every time they went to the bathroom. Well, why not gave that a try. One Saturday morning I had a little shoe box all decorated filled with random stuff I bought at the dollar store. It was going good, all weekend asking her if she needed to go to the bathroom. She would say yes and get her surprise, but then she started to go to the bathroom by herself and pop out asking for her surprise. We were so happy she was starting to go by herself.YAY. Then she would go like 15 minutes later and pop out and ask for her surprise. I stood by the door the third time she did this and she was not going to the bathroom she just said she did so she can get her surprise. Fail.

Later that week she had a check up and I was telling her doctor about my panic that potty training was not going so well. She told me not to worry at all when Juli is ready she'll let me know. That did not sound promising to me. I asked her what does she mean should I look for any specific signs. Again she just said just wait until Juli is ready.

At 3 and a half, we were sitting for dinner and Juli says I have to pee. I flew up and said let's go to the bathroom. For two weeks after that every hour we asked her if she had to potty. Did she have accidents of course she did, but it was ok we stayed persistent. That was about a month ago we said goodbye to diaper's. When I was putting away the last couple diapers she did have left away. It hit me wow we are done with diapers. We do not plan on having any more children after it was so hard to get pregnant with Juli. So I had ugly crying face while holding diapers for a couple minutes. It was a very bittersweet moment.

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Do you guys have any potty training tips? What worked for you guys?