..: Weekend Snaps

Monday, August 31, 2015

Weekend Snaps

Friday I had 2 classes on the Davis campus and I was late for the first time for my math class. Later on Jon had an orientation at his school and we finished it with letting some energy out on the playground.

When we got home I had to pack up and get everything together for the party on Saturday. And last minute on top of everything else I had to get together I decided I wanted to bake something.

Saturday we had to get up too early for a Saturday and head over to my sister in law's house in Stockton to set up. The party was a lot of fun we had a fiesta for my father in law's birthday/ retirement party. I will have more details and photos in a later post with the couple mishaps we had. Can't have a big party with mishaps.

Sunday was just a relaxing day we had stayed the night in Stockton to help clean up the next day. We stayed in our sweats all day, did some ATV riding and ate some yummy leftovers. I was so scared to go on the ATV like if I was going to forget something and end up flying off. The older I get the more paranoid I get doing risky activities.

What did you do this weekend?