..: Breakfast Fruit Smoothie Made With Glucerna

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Breakfast Fruit Smoothie Made With Glucerna

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I would like to get up to a nice hearty breakfast, who wouldnt. With the weather getting colder I hit the snooze button a little longer than I would like to admit. Just so I can have extra minutes snuggled in bed. Mornings like that I like to go for an easy breakfast smoothie to go. Something simple using Glucerna it's a smart way to help get the right kinds of carbs throughout the day.

I enjoy Glucerna it has a yummy taste and I've also introduced it to my mother and father in law when they moved in with us a couple moths ago. Did you know an estimated that 57 million people have pre-diabetes in the US, and 35% are estimated to be Hispanic. My mother and father in law are two of those people and being their age it's hard to change your eating habbits. They enjoy eating arroz, frijoles, tortillas, chicharones or anything fried. Who doesnt like to indulge once in a while, i'm guilty of it, but not all the time.It's just how they were raised and what they know. Since they have moved it with us they like the healthier alternatives that I use and that makes us all very happy.

When I went to Walmart yesterday to pick up some supplies for our camping trip this weekend. I picked up a couple cans of Glucerna Snack Shakes in their Vanilla flavor. You can find in the health and beauty area in the diabetic aisle. They have a variety of products not just shakes that help manage your blood sugar levels called Carbsteady helps minimize blood sugar spikes or just help maintain your weight. They also have a meal plan on their site. It's very useful to use a meal plan especially if you are just staring on your health journey.
Smoothie Ingredients
-1 8oz Can of Glucerna Vanilla Snack Shake
-Handful of Kale
-1/2 cup of cut Mango
-1/2 cup of Strawberries
-1/2 cups of Oats
-Ice (optional)

Combine all the ingredients in the blender 

 Blend and Enjoy!

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Would you like to get more information about Glucerna and the amazing array of shakes and nutritional bar options at Glucerna.com. Or check out their funny Steady Ahead Video http://cbi.as/r342.

Have an awesome day!