..: Camp Lassen

Monday, September 21, 2015

Camp Lassen

This past weekend we went to Camp Lassen's annual family camp. Jon joined the cubscouts earlier this year. This was the first time he got to go camping with some of the boys in his troop. It was so much fun Jon and Juli were actually overwhelmed with the amount of activities they had going on. We only stayed one night though because we had plans already to visit family in Watsonville on Sunday. Julian also wasn't able to make it since it was kind of short notice. 

The activities they had rock climbing, archery, shooting, row boats, kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking, crafts and so much more.For the most part of the day we spent our time on the water. Even though it was so cold 50 degrees. Juli wanted to sit and put her feet in the water and she jumped right up because the water was so cold. 

It was just nice to be out there in the fresh air the smell of pine. It was funny we were driving up and out of nowhere there was the strong smell of fresh pine and a deer just walking by. Nature we love it!

Since we had to leave Saturday evening before it got dark because as you can imagine it is so pitch black out in the mountains. Also no cell service so the last thing I wanted was to get lost at night in the middle of nowhere. Isn't that how horror movies start?  We had to miss the bonfire fun. We will definitely have to go back next year the whole family.

What did you guys do this weekend?

Until next time!