..: Fiesta Time

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Fiesta Time

 Between me and both my sister in law's we did all the decorating for the Fiesta we had this past weekend. Here are a few photo's before the party began, you can use them as inspiration for your next Fiesta. We bought things from around everywhere Walmart, little Mexican shops, Dollar Tree and found a few items at this random party shop in Elk Grove called Liz's Craft & Party Supply.

For only having about a month to plan this party it was not bad at all we really came together. Were there any mishaps, of course, can't be a Gonzalez Party without a mishap. We didn't have much food besides chips, salsa and some fruit. Because we were supposed to have a taco truck start serving at 2 when the party started. Do you know when he showed up at 3:30 same time as the banda, everyone was starving and Julian was about to pop a neck vein he was so mad. After that, everything was smooth sailing and everyone had a great time. Especially Julian's dad he was very happy at what we threw together for his retirement birthday party.

What your next party your planning?

Until next time!