..: Bishop's Pumpkin Farm

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Bishop's Pumpkin Farm

Choo choo

 Lama with an attitude she did not like the palettes just the veggies and she let you know it.

She's an animal lover like me!

Found one of our pumpkins

Will I ever get a perfect picture of these two? This was the best out of like 20 haha.

We had a great time at the patch this year, it was definitely a lot better going during the week. A lot fewer people compared to last year when we went on a Sunday and the weather actually felt like fall this year. If you do go on the weekend they do have the piglet races, the kids thought that was pretty cool last year. I'm really enjoying Halloween this year both Jon and Juli are super into it.      

Where's your favorite pumpkin patch?

Until next time..