Tuesday, February 10, 2009


SOOO today I went on a mini spree at MAC now as you guys know im not one to spend my whole paycheck on expensive make up but ive been working my ass off so I needed to splurge a little... you know......So of course i had to buy something from the HELLO KITTY COLLECTION I had gone to the preview they had but I didnt buy anything cuz the line was fricken ridicoulous so I jux saw wut they had.. anywho sooo when I went I dont know if it was jux me But some of the colors were not wut I thought they were going to be so I jux got like 4 things from my wish list list which was origionally like 10 things lol so this is wut I got

And for the first time I also got studio sculpt foundation and MAC prep & prime and DAINTY mineralize blush

WHAO I look crazy not the greatest picture but I have on TIPPY blush and STRAYIN lipstick jux a lil swatch