Saturday, February 21, 2009


I know fashion week for spring 2009 was during OCT. 2008 but if I would have reviewed back than would you have remembered anything I said now uhhh no.....So I just saved my little notes...

With the economy the way it is I wasnt sure really what to expect during fashion week.So I was actually quit surprised when I was loolking through countless designers spring looks. A lot of the designs were pretty wearable some people say they kept it safe, but I dont see anything wrong with that..

Wearable spring fashions TIPS

  • Of course COLOR COLOR COLOR many designers went for pinks, yellows, bright blues etc.

  • PRETTY PRINTS on dresses and on tops

  • ETHNIC PRINTS not just big chunky jewelry

  • PANTS their was everything skinny jeans still in, wide leg and crops, I seen jumpsuits which are not for everyone , but hey if you can pull them off good for you....

  • CHEAP CHIC is definatly in this spring with many designers branching off to do less expensive lines

Now I know not everyone has the money to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe for spring, but im sure if you guys just dig a little in your closet you'll find that you already own some of these pieces sooo as TIM GUNN would say "JUST MAKE IT WORK........"