..: Apple Hill

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Apple Hill

Pretty cool Jonathan picking Jonathan apples haha!

My brother in law giving Julie a hand.

Julie she had a wild day look at those knees.

Pumpkin apple pie, It was sooooo good!

We had such a blast at Apple Hill and the weather was actually perfect. It was cloudy with a little bit of rain. Last year when my sister in law went it was 90 degrees, so it really didn't feel like fall at all. This was my my second time going to Apple Hill and it was Jon and Julie's first time. They loved it running around while picking apples in the mud nothing better for them.I swear sometimes I think we belong on a farm, where they can run wild and free all day.
 They even have an app now to take you to all the different ranches because they have over 50 different ranches. Lastly we picked up a pie because you just have to, we picked it up at Abel's Acers a pumpkin apple pie. The crust on this pie OMG so delicious you guys. I thought I would be a little put off with the filling pumpkin and apples. Because of the different texture, it was very good the apples were soft, but that crust yummies!!!

Have a great day!